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What past clients are saying...



"Thank you for all you have done for us. You are a light in this world, bringing mothers and their babies love, compassion, education, support, comfort, and friendship. Your grace and gentle soul are truly beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for guiding me in this journey and blessing us with your presence."


"Thank you for coming into our lives at such an important time.  Your knowledgeable, gentle presence meant the world to us.  Thanks for helping us feed our baby."


"Thank you for all your empathetic, confident, and consistent help.  If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have this sweet nursing relationship we have now."


"Your knowledgeable, skilled help and warm support was like a soothing balm for my mothering soul. Thank you for everything you did for me."


"I couldn’t imagine getting through that 1st month without you!  Breastfeeding was hard for us and your calm, gentle and supportive help gave me the confidence to keep at it.  We are full of gratitude for you and all you did for our family."


"There are no words that can express the deep gratitude I have for your support and guidance.  Thank you for helping us through this difficult time and supporting all of my decisions.  You mean so much to our family."



"We were so touched by the TLC you poured on as a time in our lives that we really needed it.  So lucky that our paths crossed."




"I can’t help but to look at our baby’s sweet chubby cheeks and think of you!  You spent countless hours at our house helping us and talking to us on the phone.  You are truly special to us and we will always be grateful for your genuine kindness and concern for our family."



"Thank you for all your support during my re-lactation journey.  It has been essential to my success!"



"Thank you for all the attention and support you’ve given our family over the past few months.  With just a few hours of visiting us and a couple of emails you have provided us with an incredible amount of help and grown our confidence immensely."



"Thank you for helping me to feed my twins.  All the information, skills and techniques you shared helped me with my confidence.  After our visit, I felt that I had a solid plan."


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