I have worked with breastfeeding families for 21 years. As a La Leche League Leader since 1999, an IBCLC since 2006, and a mother of three breastfed children, I strive to empower nursing parents to feel confident about their decision to breastfeed. 


My vision is to use my skills as an IBCLC to ensure that your baby is adequately fed, help you overcome breastfeeding challenges, and develop a breastfeeding plan that is unique to you and your baby. 

The early weeks and months of caring for a new baby can be an emotional time.  Pain, fatigue, your birth experience, and how much support you have can all affect how you feel.  I am here to walk that road with you wherever you are on your parenting journey. 

I'm a member of the Ithaca Breastfeeding Coalition, the International Lactation Consultant Association, La Leche League of Ithaca, La Leche League International, as well as the United States Lactation Consultant Association.

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Shanna with friend Diane Wiessinger, author of The Womanly
Art of Breastfeeding