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I am an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in private practice offering family-centered, compassionate and empathetic skilled lactation help, support and encouragement to breastfeeding families in Ithaca. 


For over 25 years, I've helped and walked alongside more than 4,000 families during their breastfeeding journeys.  As a La Leche League Leader since 1999, an IBCLC since 2006, and a mother of three breastfed children, I use my skills and experience to ensure that your baby is adequately fed, help you overcome breastfeeding challenges, and develop a breastfeeding plan that is unique to you and your baby. My wish is that every parent who wants to breastfeed their baby will have the support and information they need to be successful.

The early weeks and months of caring for a new baby is an emotional time. The postpartum period can be overwhelming, nuanced and deeply personal. I am here to walk that road with you with understanding, kindness and gentleness wherever you are on your parenting path. 


Breastfeeding is a newborn’s first relationship. It’s a strong connection that develops over time, which builds trust and closeness that will last far beyond nursing.

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Shanna with friend Diane Wiessinger, author of The Womanly
Art of Breastfeeding
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